for people who want to dance!

Let's dance...

Need a break?  Join us for a good ol' fashioned community dance gathering - a place for all kinds of folks 21+ who want to get out, hear great tunes and dance.

No drama. No judgment. No parking on the dance floor!

Huge thanks to all who joined us for our three dances in 2018 - Tributes in January, British Invasion in April and Voodoo Stomp in October.   You looked fabulous on the dance floor and we truly appreciate your support!

Thanks to all who came out in 2018

Next dance - I Heart Funky Disco, February 8, 2019

Dancing brings folks together and is a great stress reliever, especially during troubling times.  Take two hours to let it all out!
+ Funk. Rock. House. Salsa. Blues. World.  + much, much more!
We've got it covered (sometimes all in the same night) so, be ready to hear something new!

"Come for the music.  Stay for the slide show!" - M. Ruggiero

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